6 Liter Gasifier


6 Liter Gasifier

Theo from South Africa likes to keep things simple and built his 6 Liter Gasifier from material lying around. He said, “My aim is to utilize all that heat to get super heated steam. 30 years ago I got steam so hot a red copper pipe changed to white and then the engine really performed.

Since then I have been experimenting with boiler like chambers in the fire box. The last one on the NOMAD works well but can still be improved.

My vision is to supply farms with affordable gas using the existing gasifier and pumping the gas into a 3 meter by 2 meter upside down tank floating in a pond or in another tank. Only a catalyst is in my way to liquify this gas using the same gasifier.”

 6 Liter Gasifier

Six Liter Gasifier

Theo_6 liter gasifier (2)

Air Inlet

Theo_6 liter gasifier (3)

Fire Box

Theo_6 liter gasifier (5)

NOMAD Gasifier

Theo_6 liter gasifier (6)

Vacumm pump to fill farm gas tanks


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