DriZzleR Gasifier


Drizzler Gasifier

Luk Vanhauwaert describes The DriZzleR Gasifier as producing “tarfree gas with a basic simple gasifier (The DriZzleR) together with a basic simple fuel feed technique (The DriZzling method)”.

Stuart Perkins describes this by saying, “The concept is incredibly simple. By restricting the amount of fuel being gasified to that which is in the immediate vicinity of the pyrolysis zone, that is, no “full” hopper above, you eliminate the excessive tars being produced. By keeping the tars being produced to an absolute minimum, these tars are quite handily cracked by the pyrolysis zone and voila…engine grade gas. Sometimes, the simplest solutions evade us for years… We, people that is, are too smart to do the simple things. Good job Luk, for being smart enough to try something so obvious the rest of us missed it.”

The video below shows components of this gasfier design without cyclone, cooler, filter, or generator, just the basic gasifier unit. It appears much simpler than the closed Imbert designs, and I think most people could build this! Luk suggests that the basic unit can be built in a couple of hours. The apparent success of the design is essentially down to the simple gasifier design and the method of ‘drizzling’ feedstock into the pyrolysis zone.   Whilst there are no plans as such, a great deal of information and videos can be found on the DriZzleR Blogspot.


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