Gasifier Camp Stoves


Gasifier Camp Stoves

There is no doubt that gasifier camp stoves can reduce the amount of biomass (wood and sticks) required to boil water or cook food when you are camping. This means there is less impact on the environment when you are walking, hiking or camping. Many places do not allow or limit wood fires for fear of wild fires and also because it denudes the area surrounding a camp site. One way to help keep our forest safe from fire and cut down on using up woody biomas is to making or buying gasifier camp stoves.

Make Your Own

gasifier camp stoves

3 Billy Stove

Before rushing off and purchasing a camp stove for friends and family, you might consider making your own. We have a range of plans that can be freely downloaded to show you how to make your own gasifier camp stoves.

Our own little design is called the 3 Billy Stove Gasifier and has a 17 page construction manual to ensure you know how to put one together. I won’t say this is the best plan, because it isn’t but they stove works and is a great little project to get you started in the world of gasifier stoves. By building your own gasifier you get a real sense of how they work and it is very satisfying to make something yourself. The plans are simple, straightforward and don’t require any specialised tools.

Purchasing Gasifier Camp Stoves

Wild Stoves

wild stoves

Wild Stoves

Wild Stoves have a range of stoves and the MkIIt is the lightest at 270 grams  (9.5 oz). Like most true gasifier stoves the design means it burns wood cleanly due to the secondary burn. It generates more heat and less smoke or soot from burning a few twigs. The whole stove packs into a billy can for easy and compact carrying and transport: It is worth noting that Wild Stoves and the Foundation supports and promotes the roll out of low cost stoves across Africa and Asia.


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