Gasifier Links


Gasifier Links

Gasifiers for Combustion Engines

Contents FAO 72 document, everything concerning gasification.

Inspiration! Many converted vehicles (Not in English)

DriZzler Gasifier blog site. Tar free gasifier and ‘drizzle’ feedstock design, with information and videos showing a generator running for 3 hours. Also see our DriZzler Page.

Northern Self Reliance non welded Constance Gasifier. Made from pipe fittings and grate from steel mesh cut with snips or bolt cutters. NSR also makes a range of small gasifiers and other hardware such as dust filters, carburetor adapters and starting ejectors.

Lister stationery engine running of a GEK based gasifier

Handbook or biomass downdraft gasifier engine systems, everything concerning gasification.

The objectives of Task 33 are to monitor, review and exchange information on biomass gasification research, development, and demonstration

The site of Vesa Mikkonen. He has written a book in which he shares his fifteen-years of wood gasifying experience. Also detailed photographs and drawings of the most beautiful and most efficient mobile woodgasifiers in the world.

Hay River Transition Gasifier Blog useful background and good collection of working videos.

John Fedrock’s blog site in process of building a gasifier.

Larry Dobson has a new onmifueled gasifier with free construction plans.

Rough plan but it works, vehicle did 20,000 with gas producer

The blog of Rob Windt – vehicle gasifiers, great content and pictures

Michael Davis – Homebuilt gasifier with step by step

Gasifier Powered Go-Kart

The site of Fredrik Ek and Eerin Rosenström.

Nice pics of Finnish gasifiers.

The site of Johan Linell As you see, particularly red Volvos run best on woodgas.

The site of Stig-Erik Werner.

The site of Daniel Hagen.

The site of Jim Mason. Including drawings of his GEK-gasifier to download.

The site of Jonathan Spreadborough Woodgasnet

Yahoo Woodgasforum, but first become a member, otherwise no access.

How to dimension and build a cyclone.

What is a monorator.

Wood Gas Pickup Truck (pictures only)

Carwood and Laimet chippers.

Dutch John – Fantastic site Woodgas.NL

Paul Halvorson’s site – great pictures and diagrams of vehicle mounted

Gasifiers Experimenters Kit – Top notch site

CPGL, India’s Dept Aerospace Engineering – great resource.

The Gas Producer – Practical information on construction

Woodgas Generator Design Windward, details on basic built unit


Gasifier Kits

On the Gasifier Kits page there are links to those who manufacture small scale gasifiers from various countries around the world.

Micro Gasification – Stoves

Dr TLUD Paul Anderson’s site on gasifier stoves contains a wealth of information.

Our Wood Stoves page also contains links to gasifier stoves, fan-jet stoves, regular and charcoal stoves.


Gasifier Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety

gasifier monoxide


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