Large Scale Gasification


Large Scale Gasification

Although some of the companies listed here manufacturer smaller systems around 30kW that could be placed on the ‘Gasifier Kits’ page they all have the claimed capacity to develop large scale gasification plants.


ankur gasifierAnkur Scientific Energy Technology is based in India and makes a range of gasifier units from 40kW through to 500kW . They offer two types of gasifier systems. The WBG series is meant for firewood, wood waste or other wood-like materials. The FBG series is meant for fine biomass materials like rice husks. Combination systems that can use either biomass are also available, although the the two kinds of biomass cannot be used at the same time.

large scale gasifiersManglam Biomass Gasifiers manufacturers various models of  both up-draft and down-draft Biomass Gasifier Systems. The company is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The producer gas produced by Gasifier can be combusted in specially designed burners to replace of fossil fuels like L.D.O./F.O./CNG/LPG/Diesel/CNG. 

More Gasifers from India


BiomaxBioMax Modular Bioenergy System. CPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Afognak Native Corporation and is the world’s leading small modular biopower corporation. Its headquarters are in Littleton, Colorado. The BioMax® is a modular, fully automated, factory-built renewable energy system that converts biomass to a renewable energy syngas consisting mainly of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, small amounts of methane and some nitrogen. CPC’s modular BioMax® systems are available in power blocks of 25 and 100 kWe and can deliver substantially more electric power and heat when installed in multiples.


Fegyu large scale gasificationChongqing Fengyu Electric Equipment Company Limited from China was founded in 1985, and produces large scale gasification equipment, gas generator sets, oil filtration and purification equipment. The company’s power plant, mechanical, transportation, petrochemical and military field products are widely used, with more than 23,000 sets of equipment currently working all over the world.


Wuxi large scale gasificationWuxi Teneng Power Machinery Co Ltd. is located in Wuxi City Jiangsu Province, which is a city on the Yangtze River between Suzhou and Nanjing half way between the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing. The company was founded in 1986 and manufactures biomass and coal large scale gasification equipment, gas generator sets and other biomass treatment systems. The company claims to cover everything from manufacture through to installation, debugging, training, maintenance and technical advice. Systems for CHP, or simply power are available utilising a range of feedstocks such as: rice husks, wood waste, straw and chicken manure.


CArboGasifierCarbo Consult & Engineering in Denmark. Large scale gasification systems range from 120 to 850 Norm Cubic Meter tar-free gas production per hour, producing 50 to 400 kVA electricity, or a thermal output of 180 to 1300 kWth. Fuel: Woodblocks, or Bio-Mass in hard compacted briquettes, sourced from forestry- and sawmill waste, agricultural Bio-Mass, invader bush and alien trees and plants.


Mothermik_motor07Mothermik is a medium-sized company autonomous from suppliers or other interests and soley focussed on wood electrification systems. The Mothermik® Wood Electrification Installation is claimed to be fully automatic with a wood logistic system that is also automated. The system is available in modulear construction with 1, 2 or 4 modules, each being 250 kW.

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