Large Scale Gasifiers


Biomass Gasification – IEA Task 33 Country Report – Finland, 2012 well illustrated.

Waste to Energy – Gasification of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuels), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, IEA Bioenergy Workshop on Production and utilisation options for Solid Recovered Fuels
Dublin, 20th October 2011.

Biomass Gasification Technology Assessment 2012, NREL. In addition to studying gasification technologies, four Microsoft Excel models were also created to help NREL with the development of detailed capital cost estimates for gasification systems of various capacities and operating conditions.

Review of Technologies for Gasification of Biomass and Wastes 2009, produced by E4tech for NNFCC. There are several different generic types of gasification technology that have been demonstrated or developed for conversion of biomass feedstocks. Most of these have been developed and commercialised for the production of heat and power from the syngas, rather than liquid fuel production. The principal types shown in this report are: Updraft fixed bed; Downdraft fixed bed; Entrained flow; Bubbling fluidised bed; Circulating fluidised bed; dual fluidised bed; and Plasma.

Historical Information

Operating Details of Gas Producers, August 1916, Fernald, R.H., Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Washington, DC.

The Present Status of The Producer-Gas Power Plant in The United States, 1906, Fernald, H., Contributions to Economic Geology, United States Geological Survey, Washington, D.C.

Small Industrial-Scale Producer Gas Units, 1984, Bliek, A. et al., Pergamon Press Ltd., Great Britain.


See also section on consultants and companies building Large Scale Gasification Plants


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