Old Vehicles


Old Vehicles

Old vehicles – There were more than a million ‘wood gas’, ‘gas producer’, ‘charcoal burners’ type gasifier vehicles before and during WWII in operation. The shortage of fuel gave rise to these inventions and it is interesting to look at the design of these various old vehicles. Below are a few of the systems found across the globe from earlier times.

Allen Gas Producer

Barton Transport – Buses

Brig Gas Producers

Charcoal Truck

Electrolux Gas Producer

Ford Model A

Gas Powered Vehicles – Coal gas or other sources of gas, not gasification.

Gasified Trucks

Kent Gas Producer

Imbert Gasifier

International Harvestor



Powell Gas Producer

Rondaldson Tippett Gas Producer

Studebaker Charcoal Burner

Wishart Producer Gas Unit

Trailer Mounted Gasifier

Tractors and Gasifiers

Truck Runs on Charcoal

Misc Mix of Old Cars


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