Truck Runs Charcoal


Truck Runs Charcoal

Truck Runs charcoal are converted into Gas that runs trucks, article from Sept 1944, Popular Science.

Charcoal burning truck “Buring charcoal or coke in the presence of a small amount of steam, the portable generator shown installed on CharcoalTruck1the truck at the right and in the phantom [illustration]drawing below produces a combustible gas that will operate trucks and autos. Fuel is fed into the burner at the top, water drips into the fire chamber and incomplete combustion takes place, sending carbon monoxide, free hydrogen, and some methane to the engine through a system of filters that cool and cleanse the gas. The device is made by M.&R., Products, Inc., of Brooklyn, New York, and Kalamazoo, Mich.”


Truck Runs Charcoal

Another Truck Runs Charcoal powered by a charcoal burner


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