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Old Books (pre 1920s)
Chemistry of gas manufacture -314 pages, 36.2Mb
Power gas producers, design and application-276pgs,7.8 Mb
Producer gas – 392pgs, 10.8Mb
Gas engines and producer gas plans – 328 pages, 60Mb
Gas and oil engines and gas producers -168pages, 29.8Mb
Handbook for charcoal burners – 252pgs, 26Mb
Heat energy and fuels – 324pgs, 50mbs
Modern gas engine and the gas producer – 530pgs, 24.7
Modern gas producer practice -352pgs, 33.5Mb
Producer gas – 250pgs, 28.2Mb
Instruction for students in gas manufacture 168pgs,16.8mb
Study of a suction gas producer – 94pgs, 3.4Mb
A treatise on gas-producers 316pgs,51.5Mb
The Works’ managers handbook on rules -496pgs,42Mbs
American Gas producer practice – 578pgs, 77.3Mbs
Test of a 400hp gas producer – 242pgs, 6.8Mbs
Test 25hp type “E” Anthracite gas producer-130pgs, 3.2M

Product Manuals/Catalogues
Effecta Woody – 21 pages, 1Mb
Firebird, 43pgs, 874Kbs
Heatsource – 5pgs, 1.6Mbs
International Harvestor Mogul oil engines – 42pages, 2.8Mb
1942 Pederick Gas Producer Manual – 27pgs, 36Mb

Home grown power plants: The Case for Wood-Based Energy Systems in Sri Lanka – 5pages, 1.9Mb
Gas from crop residues – 3 pages, 1.1Mb
Rural energy system based on energy forest and wood gasifier, 1 page
Guideline for safe and eco-friendly biomass gasification – 91 pgs
Waste Gasification: Impacts on the Environment and Public Health – 20 pgs

Academic Papers
Activated carbon Patent – 6 pages 35Kb
Alternative Fuels For Light Vehicles – 140 pages 4.7Mb
Biomass gasification: stoves, commercial power – 13 pages, 530kb
Biomass Gasification – for Industrial and Agricultural Projects, 64 pages
Biomass Gasification: Technology & Utilisation – 44 pages
Development of Producer Gas Engines – 21 pages, 369Kb
Fact About Producer Gas Engines 2010 – 24 pages
Diesel Engine Power after Gas Conversion – 9 pages 106Kb
Grass For Power Generation – 237 pages, 5.6Mb
Performance of a portable downdraft gasifier – 5pgs, 226Kb
Rice Husk Throatless Gasifier Reactor – 13pgs, 115Kb
Wood Chip Heating Guide – 93 pages
Wood 2 Energy 2010 – 57 pages
Biomass gasification – state of the art description – 91pgs, 3.6Mbs
Cost and Operational Improvements To Gasifiers – 28 pgs, 141Kb
Gasifier “Tars”: Their nature, Formation and Conversion, 204 pgs, 2.1 Mbs
Small scale biomass gasification in regional communities: possibilities, advantages, problems and impact – 13pgs, 117Kbs
Gasifier for Damp Fuel – 10pgs, 134Kbs
Gasifier Efficiency – 5pgs, 5.5Mb
German Ideas on Improvements of Gasifiers – 13pgs, 9.1Mbs
European Biomass Gasification Technology to China – 108pgs, 727K
State-of-the Art of Biomass Gasification in CHina – 41 pages
Use of biomass gasification for transport – 72pgs, 1.9Mbs
Modelling for Control of a Biomass Gasifier – 40pgs, 461 Kbs
Market Assessment of Biomass Gasification and Combustion Technology for Small and Medium-Scale Applications – 32 pages 1Mb
Superficial velocity the key to downdraft gasification – 8pgs, 285Kb
Small Scale Gasification: Gas Engine CHP for Biofuels – 138 pages, 5.6 Mbs
State of the Art Report For Small Scale (to 50kW) Gas Producer – Engine Systems, 1981
Energy crop gasification – 10pgs, 4231Kb
Use of Biomass Gasification for Transport – 10pgs, 431Kb
Technical Evaluation of Wood Gasification – 65pgs, 1.6Mb

Plans / Reports
Air Fuel Mixing Device For Producer Gas – 6pgs 245kB
Biomass Gasification 91 pages, 3.6Mb
Biomass-fired stove CGS3: Design, Construction and Operation Manual – 36pgs, 711Kb
Convert Your Car To Gasification 43 pages 3.5Mb
Crorey Biomass Gasification Patent – 6 pages 330kB
Design Rules For Downdraft Gasifiers – 24 pages 575Kb
Emergency Primary Source Woodgas – 13 pages 1.3Mb
FEMA Simplified Wood Gas Generator – Direct Link
Five-kilowatt wood gasifier technology 1989, India.
Gasifier Cookstove – Construction Plans for the “Champion-2008”
Gasifier for Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China – 9 pages
Handbook Downdraft gasfier engine systems-148pgs, 10Mb
Instructions to make a Modified Inverted Downdraft Gasifier Stove – 12pgs, 466Kb
Missouri Wood Gasifier – 89pgs, 3.7Mb
Portable Gas Producer 1939 – 30 pages 2.8Mb
Producer Gas & the Australian Motorist – 26 pages 564Kb
Producer Gas – New Zealand 22 pages 923Kb
Producer Gas Vehicles – 8 pages, 1.2Mb
Rice Husk Wood Stove Handbook – 155pgs, 3.6Mb
Micro Gasification: Cooking With Gas – 100 pages
Primary Entry Gasifier Stove – 4 pages
Small-Scale Biomass Gasifiers for Heat and Power – 88pgs, 3.6Mb
Small-Scale Gasification Power Generation – 26 pages 3.4Mb
Stick-Wood Fired Furnace – 36 pages 1 Mb
Sugar Cane Leaf-Bagasse Gasifiers – 10 pages 357kB
The Making of the Kalle Gasifier – 9pgs, 8.1Mbs
Wood Gas as Engine Fuel – 139pages, 730Kbs
Wood Charcoal Gasifier Stove – 2 pages, 767kbs
Woodgas Camp Stoves – 3pgs, 730kb
Wood Gas Generators For Small Power (-5hp) 18 pages, 1.3Mb

Power Point Presentations
Community Guide to Biomass Thermal Projects – 36 pages, 2Mb
Conversion of Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals – Dr Richard Bain 1.3Mb
Gasification Presented by Robert Klepper – 29 pages, 1.7Mb
Wood gasification – 43pgs, 3.3Mb
The Viking Gasifier – 25pgs, 1.9Mbs
Fast Pyrolysis and Bio-Oil Upgrading – 46 pages, 1.2Mbs

Basic Fan Laws, Spread and Throw of Fan – 1 page, 65kB
Charcoal Gas Producers For Motor Vehicles, Australian Standard Specifications 1942 – 21 pages, 3Mb
Fan Performance Characteristics – 4 pages 742kB
Flame Temperature by Appearance – 1 page 25kB
Governor Linkages Butterfly Valves – 14 pages 388kB
GPU Sizing – Excel Worksheet
Gasification and Benefits of Biochar – 9 pages

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