Billy Stove Gasifier


3 Billy Stove Gasifier


After many years of providing information about gasifiers through this site I thought it was about time I made my own.

So I have begun with the most basic of gasification principles, the gasifier stove. The Gasifier to power my car will have to wait until I retire (when will that be?) when I might be able to afford both time and materials… it will happen just a matter of time.

As an Australian I began searching for off-the-shelf materials to make a stove and went everywhere to find a cheap supply of materials including: Bunnings, general hardware stores, kitchen shops, Red Dot, $2 Dollar shops, Coles and Woolworths and “tip shops’ in my search. Nothing turned up in the search for what I needed, and that I could direct to others to find containers that would fit inside each other like Russian dolls. Then it occurred to me that 3 billy cans could be purchased quite cheaply and would nestle nicely inside each other.

billy stove gasifier


Billy Stove Gasifier Materials

I wanted to provide a construction method so any handy person could build a stove without having to master any fine skills. At the same time the stove needs to work properly as a true gasifier and I also wanted it to be atheistically pleasing. The 3 Billy Stove Gasifier stove design can be made with very few tools, no welding, screwing or riveting is involved.

  • 3 Billy cans that will nestle inside each other
  • Pair of tin snips
  • Multi grips, pliers or similar
  • Hammer (to panel beat drilled holes)
  • 3mm and 5mm punch
  • 50mm hole saw attachment (otherwise use tin snips)
  • File to remove sharps and burs
  • Stainless steel pot scrubbers
  • Gloves for protection (jagged tin slices flesh very nicely)

The full Construction Manual (17 pages) can be downloaded here.

Billy Stove Gasifier


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