Gasifier Reports


Gasifier Reports


State of the Art Report For Small Scale (to 50kW) Gas Producer – Engine Systems, 1981, A. Kaupp and J.R. Goss Department of Agriculture Engineering University of California.


Technical Evaluation Of Gasification, August 1982, Oliver, E.D., Research Project 986-10, prepared by Synthetic Fuels Associates, California, USA.


Cost and Operational Acceptability Improvements To Gasifiers, 2003, Connor, M., Report prepared for Biomass Engineering Ltd, Northern Ireland.


Biomass power generation: Sugar cane bagasse and trash, Suleiman José Hassuani, Manoel Regis Lima Verde Leal, Isaías de Carvalho Macedo – Piracicaba: PNUD-CTC , 2005.

Economies of Scale in Biomass Gasification Systems, Soerensen, A.L. IIASA Interim Report April 2005.

Report on The Status of Biomass Gasification in Thailand and Cambodia, 2005, Energy Environment Partnership, Mekong Region, P.Abdul Salam, S. Kumar and Manjula Siriwardhana 103 pages


Small scale biomass gasification in regional communities: possibilities, advantages, problems and impact, c2006, Sanderson, J and Feltrin, M., Gasification Australia, Victoria, Australia.


Market Assessment of Biomass Gasification and Combustion Technology for Small and Medium- Scale Applications, July 2009, Peterson, D. and Haase, S., Technical Report, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), DOE, USA.

Review of Technologies for Gasification of Biomass and Wastes : Final Report, June 2009, A project funded by DECC, project managed by NNFCC and conducted by E4Tech .

Waste Gasification: Impacts on the Environment and Public Health  (20pgs, 436kb) 2009, A Technical Report Published by The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, North Carolina.


Wood 2 Energy A State of the Science and Technology Report, 2010, Jackson, S.W. et al., Published by University of Tennessee with support from US Endowment for Forestry and Communities, USA.

The Status of Biomass Gasification in Thailand and Cambodia, October 2010, Salam, P.A., Humar, S. and Manjula Siriwardhana, Asian Institute of Technology.

The potential for bioSNG production in the UK, Final report, A project funded by DECC, project managed by NNFCC and conducted by E4tech , April 2010.


Small Scale Gasification: Gas Engine: CHP for Biofuels, May 2011, Brandin, J., Tuner, M., and Odenbrand, I.,  Swedish Energy Agency Report, joint project between the Linnaeus University in Växjö and the Faculty of
Technology at Lund University (LTH), Sweden.

State‐of‐the‐art of Biomass Gasification in China 2011 – 41 pgs


A Review of Biomass Gasification Technologies in Denmark and Sweden, November 2013, Ridjan, I., Vad Mathiesen, B. and Connolly, D., Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark.

Biomass Gasification System for Use In Off-Grid Irrigation, 2013, Chandler, D., Curtis, T. and Moore. S., Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution Challenge 2013 .

China – Accelerating Household Access to Clean Cooking and Heating, September 2013, World Bank, Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program.

High Quality Wod Chips for Gasification, 2013, Ulf-Peter Grano, Karleby, Kokkola, Finland.


An Economic Assessment of Biomass Gasification for Rural Electrification in Nigeria, January 2014, Diyoke, C., Idogwu, S. and Ngwaka, U.C., International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology Research
Vol. 3, No. 1, January 2014, pp.1 – 17.

BIOburners Final Design Report, May 2014, Lomasney, M., Myton, N., Michmerhuizen, N. and Eric Sager, Engineering 339/340 Senior Design Project, Calvin College , Mich., United States.

Renewable Energy Production from Almond Waste, 2014, Almond Board of Australia inc., Australia.

Scaling Up Biomass Gasifier Use in India; BarriersInterventions & Remedies: A Review , June 2014, Nrupekar, R.Y. et al., Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Vol. 4, Issue 6( Version 2), pp.59-61.

State of Art of Small Scale Biomass Gasification Power Systems: A review of the different typologies, 2014, Bocci, E. eat al.,  Energy Procedia 45 ( 2014 ) 247 – 256.


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