Gasifier Stove Design


Gasifier Stove Design and Construction Plans

3 Billy Can Gasifier Stove Design

Another section holds more general information on gasifier stoves which can viewed and downloaded here.

Construction of a 3 Billy Can Gasifier Stove, October 2014, Ewings, S., South Bunbury, Australia.

Biomass-fired Gasifier stove CGS3: Design, Construction and Operation Manual – 36pgs, 711Kb

Design Construction and Performance of a Stick-Wood Fired Furnace: For Residential and Small Commercial Application, October 1979, Hill, R.C., University of Maine, Unites States.

Design of a Rice Husk Gasification Cook Stove for Rural Nicaragua, December 2010, Lockman, I et al., for Small Red Tile (a group of Georgia Tech engineers and industrial designers committed to humanitarian aims).

Design and Development of Inverted Down Draft Gasifier for Cooking Purpose, 2014, Vyas, D.K. et al., Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET), 2(2A):113-122.

How to Make a Dome School Biochar Stove 2010, by Kelpie Wilson,

Instructions to make a Modified Inverted Downdraft Gasifier Stove – 12pgs, 466K

Le fourneau à gazéification Aaron, December 2013, Commission Européenne – Facilité Energie ACP-UE. [French publication]

Micro-Gasification: What it is and why it works, 2008 Paul S. Anderson, Thomas B. Reed and Paul W Wever.

Micro Gasification: Cooking with gas from biomas, 2013, 2nd Edition, Christa Roth, published by GIZ HERA.

Primary Air Entry Gasifier Stove , October 2011, Mussie T., Lecturer at Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

Rice Husk Wood Stove Handbook – 155pgs, 3.6Mb The Belonio Rice Husk Gas Stove is the first TLUD gasifier that can utilize a small-particle fuel.

Woodgas Camp Stoves, Renewable Energy Training Center, Morrisville State College, State University of New York.

TLUD Handbook Revision 2010, Paul Anderson and Dr “TLUD” (Tee-Lud)

TLUD Construction Plans “Champion 2008” Gasifier Cookstove, including operational instructions, Revised 2009, Paul Anderson.

TLUD Champion Gasifier Cookstove (Top-Lit UpDraft) Construction Plans, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.,

Troika™ Bingwa™ TLUD-ND Stove: Simplified Construction, Febrauary 2014, Paul Anderson,

Non Gasifier Stove Designs

The ZeroFossilFuel Rocket Stove Heater is not a ‘gasifier’ as such but plans for heating units are available.


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