Brig Gas Producers


Brig Gas Producers

During WWII, Commercial Motor Vehicles designed and manufactured Brig Gas Producers as an alternative fuel during petrol rationing.  The company headed up by Sidney Crawford had 40 staff working and fitting the gas producers to vehicles.

The Mail (Adelaide, SA) ran the following article on Saturday 25 May 1940:

“Many new and unusual features are incorporated in the Brig gas producer, which has been developed over four years of research inspired by the need to eliminate many undesirable features previously associated with mobile gas producers. The. features include:— Fully automatic mixture control, fully automatic water injection, automatic power boosting for emergencies, compactness and light weight, easy fitting to all types of vehicles, little maintenance required, ashes and dust easily and cleanly removed, efficient double-cyclone dry cleaner and oil bath security cleaner, rectangular hopper and easily cleaned grate, no refractory linings, good appearance, and reasonable cost.
The automatic working is a great advantage. There are no extra controls except the change-over button (from petrol to gas). The mixture is automatically enriched for idling and going downhill, so that the producer is kept working properly. The automatic water injection saves another control and takes the guess out of its adjustment. The power booster operates automatically only when the single accelerator is opened up fully, so that it is there
for immediate use in emergencies. From 90 to 96 per cent, of the running is done without using the booster, but it is convenient to have it in order to avoid the disadvantage of losing from 25 to 45 per cent, of the power output when using gas on unaltered engines of various types.
The change-over button also immediately causes the original carburetter to function normally. For short hauls, therefore, the vehicle is driven on petrol without altering the original performance. On trucks the hopper fits neatly under the tray without affecting the live load carrying area, except for a small box on one side of the tray, where the hopper is filled from the side.”

Brig Gas Producers

Advert for Brig Gas Producers as it appeared in the Examiner (Launceston, Tas) on Saturday 1 August 1942



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