FEMA Gasifier Plans


FEMA Gasifier PlansFEMA Gasifier Plans

FEMA Gasifier Plans – How to build a gas wood generator is one in a series of emergency technology assessments sponsored by the United States, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The purpose of the report was to develop detailed, illustrated instructions for the fabrication, installation, and operation of a biomass gasifier unit (i.e. a “producer gas” generator, also called a “wood gas” generator) which is capable of providing fuel for vehicles, such as tractors, cars and trucks, should normal petroleum sources be severely disrupted for an extended period of time.

The instructions to build a gas wood generator have been prepared as a manual for use by any mechanically minded person who is reasonably proficient in metal fabrication or engine repair.

Note of Caution

It should be noted that the FEMA Gasifier Plans will give you a basic design although the consensus of many after building and running is that tar residue in the gas is a very real issue. The tar is cumulative and can wreck havoc with engines. The key point about the FEMA gasifier plans is that it was developed for emergency use. There are so many variables for this simple design such as: fuel type, size, density, humidity and moisture content. Gasifier designs have come a long way since the FEMA gasifier plans were published and you would do well to research the Gasifier Download section before you begin your build. You will invest a reasonable amount of time, effort and money so make sure you have done your research.

Tar Reduction

Adi Surjosatyo (2010) suggests gasifier modification for tar reduction can be divided into seven categories:

  • the addition of air injection
  • recirculation of pyrolysis gas
  • combination of pyrolysis gas
  • recirculation and addition of air injection
  • modification of gas outlets
  • modification of position of combustion zone
  • application of catalytic bed
  • separation process of pyrolysis and reduction using different chambers

The paper called Simple guidelines for constructing a low tar wood gasifier for fuel is available in the Gasifier Plans, download section.


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