Gasifier Plans


Gasifier Plans

Please look at the file size to estimate how long a download might take.To download, simply right click and ‘save as’ to your computer. There are also quite a few gasifier plans on personal pages across the internet so check out the links section.

Air Fuel Mixing Device For Producer Gas – United States Patent, 1991. 6pgs 245kB

Simple Adjustable Primary Air Plate – Unknown. 1 page

Biomass Gasification Lettner, HT & Haselbacher, 2007, Graz University of Technology – Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz. 91 pages, 3.6Mb

Components and Operation of The Fixed Bed Downdraft System Johansson Biomass Gasifier, in Gasfication, Processes and Applications Chpt 10, N.S. Mamphweli and E.L. Meyer, Nova Science Publishers, 2012.

Construction of an Updraft Biomas Gasifier and Composition Analysis for Different Biomas Fuels– Yadav, Sharma, Gupta and Pandey, 2013. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology.

Convert Your Car To Gasification Mason, J 2009 Instructables. 43 pages 3.5Mb

Crorey Biomass Gasification Patent – United States Patent, 2008. 6 pages 330kB

Design Rules For Downdraft Gasifiers – Venselaar, J 1982, Institut Technologi, Indonesia (unpublished). 24 pages 575Kb

Development of a small Downdraft Biomass Gasifier for Developing Countries,  M.A Chawdury and K. Mahkamov, 2011, Journal of Scientific Research.

Driving on Wood: The Lost Art of Driving Without Gasoline, with Plans for Building a WWII Gasifier, Revised 2006, Skov, N.A. and Papworth, M.L., The Biomass Energy Foundation Press, Franktown, Colorado, United States.

Emergency Primary Source Woodgas Woodgas 2.2Kw Generator , 2008, author unkown – 13 pages 1.3Mb

FEMA Wood Gas Generator – Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines in a Petroleum Emergency, Final Report, 1989 for Federal Emergency Management Agency. 90pages, 9.8Mbs Wood gasifier design with its origins in WWII technology used during fuel shortages.

Five-kilowatt wood gasifier technology: Evolution and field experience, Sadhana, Vol14, Part 3 December 1989, pp 187-212, India.

Gasifier for Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China– Zhao Y, Wang S, Wang D, Tao J & WuFu, 2011, African Journal of Agricultral Research Vol. 6(17) 9pgs 948Kbs

Guidelines for Desiging Downdraft Gasifiers, 2007, Author unkown. This section gives a general review of the design characteristics of an Imbert type downdraft gasifier on the basis of the Swedish experience.

Handbook Biomass Downdraft Gasfier Engine Systems – SERI, 1998 US Department of Energy. 148pages, 10Mb A practical guide to small scale (less than 200kW) gasifier systems.

Home Made Gasifier From Tire Rim – Unkown date and author, very basic information

Motoring Without Petrol – Chaddock DH, 1957, Model Engineer Journal.

Pioneer Class Gasifier Design,  Williams D, 2001, Fluidyne Gasification Company. This is a great little gasifier with no vices, and it tolerates beginner operators. Correctly operated, this little gasifier produces a tar free gas from a wide range of wood fuel particle sizes from chips or small blocks, so it should work on fuels available to most users.

Portable Gas Producer  – Golman B & Jones C, 1939, The Institute of Fuel, VolXIL, No 63. 30 pages, 2.8Mb

Producer Gas and The Australian Motorist An Alternative Fuel During the “Crisis” of 1939-45, Barlett D, 2008, Engineering Heritage Victoria, Guest Speakers’ Series. – 26 pages 564Kb

Producer Gas – Emergency Use for Automotive Purposes, 1940, issued by authority of the Hon. the Minister of Supply, New Zealand 22 pages, 923Kbs

Producer Gas for Automotive Use, March 1980, Practical Action, The Shumacher Center for Technology Development, United Kingdom. A useful overview of producer gas for vehicles.

Producer Gas Vehicles – Woods MW, 1939, Commonweath Researcher Fellow of the Engineering School, Melbourne University, Melbourne. 8 pages, 1.2Mb

Missouri Wood Gasifier – 89pgs, 3.7Mb Sawmill gasifier designed and constructed by Raymond Rissler, California, Missouri. It operates a lcoal sawmill.

Simple guidelines for constructing a low tar wood Gasifier for fuel, no date or author.

Small Scale Gasificiation Power Generation – Larson ED, 1998, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University, USA. 26 pages   3.4MB

Sugar Cane Leaf-Bagasse Gasifiers – Jorapur R & Rajvanshi AK, 1997, Biomass and Bioenergy Vol 13., N0 3, pp 141-146. 10 pages 357kB

The Making of the Kalle Gasifier – Kalle T, 1942 translated to English in 2000 by Joacim Persson. 9pgs, 8.5Mb

Woodgas Generators for Vehicles, 2006, Nygards. N., [information rather than plans]Biomass Energy Foundation, Colorado, United States.

Wood Gas as Engine Fuel – Mechanical Wood Products Branch, 1988, Forest Industries Branch, Food and Agriclutue Organization of the United Nations. 139pages, 730Kbs

Wood Gas Generators For Small Power (5hp) Shrinvasa U & Mukunda HS, 1984, Sadhana, Vol 7, Part 2, pps 137-154, India. 18 pages, 1.3Mb


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