Gas Producer Cars


Gas Producer Cars

Buick Charcoal gas car 1937



A Kubelwagen fitted with gasifier (top picture, left in below). Both the Kubelwagens and Beetles around WWII were had a ‘T230 gas generator’ which was located the in front of the front axle where the spare tire was. Some components of the VW T230 woodgas fuel system included:
1) a large (8″ diameter by 30″) gas filter cannister located just ahead of the windshield (and under the hood, in the case of the Type 60)
2) a secondary, rectangular gas filter (about 12″ by 2″ by 48″) located crossways beneath the car behind the front wheels
3) a gas pump or fan located behind the rear torsion bar tube
4) a small final cannister filter in the engine bay
5) a fuel mixer at the engine intake manifold.

Information courtesy of Lighthook’s woodgas page.


Renault with gasiifer (1942-44)

Gas Producer Cars

Another image depicting Gas Producer Cars is the charcoal gas producer attached to the back of a small motor car. It is part of a collection of photographs and marked printer’s copy used in the preparation of trade literature promoting products manufactured by the Schumacher Mill Furnishing Works Pty Ltd of Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The company started in 1910 making machinery for grain handling but diversified into making gasifiers!



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