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Rocket Stove

rocket stove

Zero Fossil Rocket Stove

A zero rocket stove is generally a wood fired heater with an internal flue or riser, covered by a barrel of some sort with a long exhaust pipe that runs through a cob (mixture of clay and straw) thermal mass which acts as a heat battery, giving off stored heat in between burns usually between evenings and mornings when family are asleep and you don’t want to be burning wood then anyway. Key benefits of a Rocket Stove over traditional wood stoves are:

  • As little as 1/10 the consumption rate for the same effective heating to your living space,
  • Virtually no smoke or carbon monoxide by products, just carbon dioxide and steam,
  • Very little ash build up with easy clean-out.

Key features that truly define a Rocket Stove are:

  • Vertical wood inlet to a small firebox,
  • Horizontal burn chamber,
  • Insulated internal flue or riser,
  • A drum or barrel over the riser for gases to cool and give off heat,
  • An exhaust at the bottom that often extends through a cob bench to slowly store & release heat.


It takes about 30 minutes to get my stove up to temperature. From there it raises my 2150 cu-ft of shop space about 15-20*F/hour. Based on rate of temperature rise and heat losses through four exterior walls it is estimated that my stove is putting out between 30,000 and 35,000 BTU/hour. It does this with a wood consumption rate of only about 70 cu-in/hour.

Zero Fossil Plans

The ZeroFossilFuel  basic plans are here and are free to download.

Deluxe Plans For Zero’s Rocket Stove

For just $20 you can get the full 30 page set of measured blueprints, animated 3D Solidworks model, high resolution photo album of the entire project start to finish. All information contained in a single zip file about 65MB. Blueprints are PDF. Photos are JPG. Video is Mpeg4. Click Here!


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