Square Gasifier


Square Gasifier

Joe accessed the web site last year, and is now getting started on his build of a Square Gasifier.

He said, “I need to add an air tight hopper to the top to hold the wood chips/blocks.. Then figure out a cooler and filter. My welding is not pretty but it will work. The box is 12″ (inches) square by 24″ tall. 1/4″ by 6″ dia pipe by 18″ long. The grate is about 9″ in dia. I am using one inch black pipe that exits above the grate in the 6” pipe for an air supply.

I’ll be checking out your site for more information about cooling and filtering.

I plan on running a small engine for a test. And hope to run my 8 hp generator.”

JoesphZalac_inside gasifier1

Square Gasifier


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