Basic Fan Laws, Spread and Throw of Fan – 65kB

Biomass Gasification: Technology & Utilisation  (44pgs 2.8Mbs) 2002, Turare, C., ARTES Institute, Glucksburg, Germany.

Charcoal Gas Producers For Motor Vehicles, Australian Standard Specifications 1942 – 21 pages, 3Mb

Fan Performance Characteristics – 4 pages 742kB

Flame Temperature by Appearance – 1 page 25kB

Governor Linkages Butterfly Valves – 14 pages 388kB

GPU Sizing – Excel Worksheet

Wood Chip Heating Guide: A Guide For Institutional and Commercial Biomass Installations, 2004, Maker. T.M., Revised by Biomass Energy Resource Center Montpelier, Vermont, USA.

Wood Fuels Handbook 2008, a Biomass Trades Centre project, supported by European Agency for Innovation and Competitiveness. Aimed at improving the professionalism of the log woods and wood chips supply chain.




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