Gas Powered Vehicles


Gas Powered Vehicles

Gas powered vehicles during periods of fuel shortage have some early orgins. These are not cars or trucks using gasifiers but used coal gas or gas made from other sources like straw bales.

Some interesting examples include:

Barton Buses

Gas Bag Buses

Straw Gas Car

Gas Powered Taxis

Gas powered vehicles

Buick with Gas Bag


Gas powered vehicles with bag as seen in the UK during the war of 1914-18. Here is a 6 cylinder Buick converted by Osborne and Co., Ltd. A gas capacity of 100 cubic feet was equivalent to only half a gallon of petrol and coal gas was the fuel used. (source: EngRailHistory)


BSA Landaulet Gas Bag

B.S.A. Landaulet converted to use coal gas by the Evesham Motor Engineering Co.


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